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Georgia Day Parade

Georgia Day was a huge success this year. Perfect weather, lots of enthusiasm, and my favorite - great costumes worn by local students!

Most of us who live surrounded by centuries of carefully preserved, tangible history, are reminded on a daily basis just how special Savannah is. The oldest city in Georgia, Savannah is also the headquarters of the Georgia Historical Society, wonderful hosts of the Georgia Day Parade and History Festival. Make sure to visit our local news outlets online, to view images from the parade. In addition to a month full of special celebrations in honor of our great state, February is a wonderful month to visit Savannah with your students. For 30 years, Students See Savannah has been making history come to life for children, educators, and parents. We pride ourselves in custom experiences that focus on curriculum and a love of life-long learning. From history and architecture to marine biology and art, our city is an educator's dream, and our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff know how to design the perfect field trips. If you haven't booked a field trip to Savannah during the Georgia History Festival, you really should consider it for next year! Students See Savannah is now takingreservations for 2016 field trips. Space is limited.

Call today:1-800-989-1232 or 912-236-8730 or email me for more information.



Photos courtesy of the Savannah Morning News.

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