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STEAM'n Up Field Trips

Atlantic Knobbed Whelk.jpg

The above photo is of two adult Atlantic Knobbed Whelks. The shell color may vary depending on geographic locations, with the outer shell ranging from grayish or white, to tan, and the inner shell ranging from a light yellow to bright orange. They're quite beautiful and coveted by beach combers. Below are two additional photographs.The first is of an Atlantic Knobbed Whelk egg capsules. The second is of the tiny whelks that lay inside. The egg capsule chain is commonly called a "Mermaid's necklace," and each capsule contains approximately 100 tiny eggs, with most strings having on average 40-160 capsules. Try doing that math in your head! We found this 'mermaid necklace' during a walk around Tybee Island last week. This is just one example of the perfect STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) moment your students may literally trip over, while on a Students See Savannah field trip.

As the school year comes to an end (seemingly earlier and earlier every year), and you as well as your students look forward to your summer break, give a little thought to all the wonderful hands-on programs you provided for your students to help them absorb all sorts of material.

From history lessons to math, engaging young minds by including them in not only discussions - but discoveries - helps their developing brains absorb more information. Contact us today for more information on your perfect Savananh field trip!

mermaid necklace.jpg
baby whelks.jpg

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