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The Battle of Savannah

Friday, October 9 Savannah will commemorate a battle anniversary unlike most associated with this beautiful Southern city. The oldest city in the state of Georgia, often associated with the American Civil War and Sherman's March to the Sea, it is also the site of what is believed to be the second bloodiest battle of the American Revolution. As one of the original 13 colonies, Georgia's role in the founding of our country is as colorful and interesting as any antebellum tale. Almost 1,000 soldiers were killed or wounded during what is known as the Siege of Savannah, including General Pulaski. The battle is remembered yearly in a ceremony located on part of the remaining battle ground starting at 7 a.m. To say Savannah is rich in history is an understatement. Groups taking part in Students See Savannah tours, don't just learn about history - they experience it. From the American Revolution to the Industrial Revolution and beyond, we enjoy providing hands-on programming that creates a memorable educational experience. Contact us today to plan your next field trip! Note: The Battlefield Memorial March, along with the battle ground site, are managed by the Coastal Heritage Society, a preservation-based nonprofit which manages Savannah History Museum and Old Fort Jackson, in addition to other attractions which we often interweave into our unforgettable student adventures! Click here to find out more about the Battle of Savannah.

This photo was taken by Steve Bisson of the Savannah Morning News during last year's march.

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