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Fair (Winter) Weather Friends

The Georgia coast is alive with activity during the winter months. Our recent mild temperatures have made exploring even more exciting. From starfish to pelicans and baby sea slugs, there is a variety of life that is waiting to by your student scientists!

In a recent online post, our friend and marine biology tour guide, Rene Heidt, shared a photo of a couple of banded pelicans. These birds have been tracked by DNR and their story is very interesting. According to Tim Keyes, Wildlife Biologist at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the "two banded Pelicans were roosting in close proximity last week on a shell rake behind Little Cumberland. Red 53Z is now the longest confirmed living bird sighting of a Deepwater Horizon bird, at 1979 days! This particular bird has now been sighted six times, but the last time was more than 3 years ago. This bird was airlifted from the Gulf and released at the DNR dock with around 140 other oiled and cleaned Brown Pelicans. The White Pelican is a regular in winter in St Andrews Sound. It was banded in 2012 as a chick at Chase Lake NWR in North Dakota."

Our coust is a haven for wildlife in the air, on land, and in the water. The winter months have just as much exciting discoveries waiting, as do the warmer seasons. We'd love to include a marine biology component on your next field trip to Savannah. Call us today for more information!

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